Internet Investigation

Internet has played the role of a catalyst in the development of information and technology worldwide. With the phenomenal and enormous growth of Internet and the same being the most inexpensive and fastest way of international communication, number of websites is multiplying everyday. As such, Internet Investigation has become a need of the day.

We can tell you exactly who owns a particular web site, what other web sites they own, we can usually obtain their corporate records and the complaints of others who have dealt with them.

We provide a variety of Internet fraud cases and other online criminal investigations including:

Online Auction Fraud
Unsolicited Commercial Email
Online Infidelity
Malicious Hacking and Virus’s
Child Predators and Pornography
Failure to Render Schemes
Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes
Illegal Services Offered
Threats and Intimidation
Unlicensed Activity
Stalking and Harassment
Credit Card Fraud
Corporate Stock Manipulation

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