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About Matrimonial Detective agency in Delhi

We have been associated with Private Detective/Investigation since 1995.

Due to our persistence, energy, ambition, creativity, and ability to plan, We could successfully float our agency under the name of “SECRET WATCH DETECTIVES” in 1999.

Best Detective Agency in India

It is because of our attitude and inner drive to succeed, We got appreciation from various Courts. and Corporate Clients for court cases. Pre & Post Matrimonial Investigation has been another field of expertise.

Because of our passionate desire to do better and improve our services, we are always looking for ways to improve. Media, both electronic and print, have given the coverage of our professionalism.

We have been awarded Professional Excellence Award -2008 at the National Conference of APDI and CAPSI held in Bangalore,

Secret Watch Detectives Pvt. Ltd. is a Pioneer Investigating Agency with its head office located at New Delhi.

It operates throughout the country and delivers exactly, what you require.

The agency has a highly professional team of investigators and administrative staff possessing a wide variety of individual skills and academic and practical experience in all areas of investigative work.

Their Continuing training keeps them abreast of daily happenings and hence updated.

Their professionalism and commitment to work have provided the company with countrywide recognition. Our executives include a number of experienced and master investigators who hardly have their equals among the investigators, for they have received formal training from the prestigious institutes

And worked with leading professional investigators.

Another quality our agency has is that it works hand in hand with our client, and the advisors are Mr. Virendra Mohan Pandit, M.Sc.

“We have our associates in every corner of the world as our CEO-Mr. Rahul Rai Gupta is a member of the World Association of Detectives and the Council of International Investigators."

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